Here’s what clients are saying about Jeanne.

The new house is great. It’s starting to feel like home.

I remember when we first started looking in Garner. It slowly dawned on me that it really was not where I wanted to live. When you suggested Cary I realized you were absolutely correct.

I appreciate how much time and effort you took in helping me with my search.

I was not at all confident I could swing this, but thanks to Hayes [the lender] and yourself I find myself in a home that I will be enjoying for years to come.

Gerhard in Cary

Just wanted to share that we were very impressed with Morgan Crawford   [Morgan is a HERS rater with LiveGreen] who conducted an energy audit today on our home. The blower door test was phenomenal in that it allowed us to identify even tiny leaks around windows, doors, baseboards, electrical outlets, etc.

Morgan’s knowledge of various technologies from metal roofing, to the efficiencies of the various technologies for water heaters, HVAC technologies, solar, geo-thermal, insulation choices, attics, crawl spaces, windows, roofs, … was awesome. He does indeed appear to have rightly earned the title of Chief Energy Geek.

We already have our new list to work on. We highly recommend an audit or consultation with Morgan Crawford. I learned a great deal in a very short time including that heat pumps for water heaters are far more efficient than tankless water heaters.

Many thanks to our Jeanne Moyer, EcoBroker and Green Marketing Specialist for arranging this complimentary offer to her associates.

I also have a stack of Morgan’s business cards to share as I believe in promoting good people and sharing the good fortune of knowing them.
Marilyn in Raleigh

Many thanks for helping make our home purchase so smooth and pleasant.  We feel that you went more than “the extra mile” to provide us with all the detailed information and referrals we asked you for, and we are very appreciative of all the effort and time you put into making our experience an effortless one.

Larry and Ruth from California

Without you we never would have built this house.  While the onsite agents were essential and helpful, it was your negotiation skills that made the difference.  Your ability to get the builder to complete the house as promised was essential.  You stepped in and chaired tense meetings resulting in an outcome that we all could live with.  Now that the house is finished and we have moved it, we are happy with but it was a long road to get there. Thanks for your help, Jeanne.
Greg and Sue in Morrisville

Jeanne, you are fantastic!  You understand our needs, you knew what wanted and found it for us!
Marsha in Apex

I would recommend you to my friends and professional contacts. You were very helpful to me when I was looking for a house – AND patient, too!
Nancy in Raleigh

I love the term “eco-broker.” Fits you perfectly. 😉
Adrial in Carborro

I’m so glad you are an EcoBroker. You’ve believed in eco-friendly homes as long as I’ve known you. You know your stuff and are so happy to share your knowledge.
Patty in Cary

“ Jeanne found the perfect, energy efficient, starter home for my daughter. She is so excited she now is paying a reasonable fixed-rate mortgage instead of a ridiculous rent. ”

Sallie in Durham

Jeanne was great help to me when I first moved to Cary. Thank you Jeanne, you are great!
Panos in Cary


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