About Jeanne

Commitment to Green

Jeanne Moyer is one of the first EcoBroker Certified® real estate brokers in the Triangle.  Her focus is on incorporating environmentally responsible and socially just principles and    practices into all aspects of her business and personal life.

She is a life long environmentalist who actively engages in reducing her carbon footprint and supports quality of life issues in the Triangle.  Jeanne began her career as an environmental educator teaching innovative programs to inner city children.  She raised her children on organic food, formed a food cooperative and actually did stalk the wild asparagus.

Her mission is to bring green to the mainstream through education, advocacy and promoting green building.

Jeanne is a member of the NC Sustainable Business Council, Society of Women Environmental Professionals, and a board member of Eartheal, a non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable community. She supports renewable energy in NC and pays for the generation of green power through NC GreenPower by adding to her monthly power bill.

Learn more on Jeanne’s website, or contact Jeanne at 919-412-2384.


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