From One Seed, Premier of the film

As part of the time-honored tradition of Meredith’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture,
Bill Landis presented the community with the premier of his film, “Seed”. This engaging 28 minute film chronicles the journey from seed to tomato plant and finally to the consumers who purchased the tomatoes.

The evening started with “The Bathtub Ring”, an a capella women’s harmony group of Meredith students, singing old time songs.

The humble tomato seed story was entertaining and playful.  Bill’s graduate student’s stitched together just the right scenes to create a complete journey from seed to dinner.  BTW, all attendees received two heritage seeds, Principe Borghese, traditional Italian plum tomatoes.

Back to the story…As the images of ripe tomatoes flashed by, my mouth was watering for fresh summer tomatoes, not the plastic pretty red grocery store variety.

Why do heirloom seeds still exist and why are they important?  First, they represent a fading plant diversity. Varieties that exist for taste, appearance, hardiness and adaptation to the local climate are disappearing as large farms move to hybrid one crop plants.  Landis stated that in 1903 544 varieties of cabbage existed and that number declined to 36 in 1983.  Second, these seeds connect us with our past. e don’t know Aunt Ginny whose purple tomatoes were featured or Aunt Ruby famous for her German Green Tomato seeds.


Following the showing, the film participants gathered in an informal setting on the stage for Q&A.

Local organics are making in roads, enough so that Harris Teeter approached Eastern Carolina Organics in Pittsboro to supply fresh vegetables for their local stores.

Eastern Carolina Organics
 547 Industrial Park Drive
Pittsboro, NC 27312.
Ph. 919.542.ECO4 (3264)

Bill Landis, Adam Fisher, John Soehner, Amy Hamilton, Chris Hunter and Alex Hitt.


Bill Landis, PhD BIO Graduated with a B.S. from Guilford College, and received  his M.S. and Ph.D. in foods and nutrition from University

in 1996. Landis is the program coordinator for the foods and nutrition program, and is the director of the M.S. program in nutrition. His interests and research background includes local and organic foods, sustainable diets and methods of food production, vegetarianism, and sports nutrition.of North Carolina at Greensboro. He was a faculty member at Ball State University in Indiana before coming to Meredith College


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