NC Energy Efficiency Alliance 2nd Annual Summit

NC Energy Efficiency Alliance 2nd Annual Summit February 22, 2012

The NCEEA summit was hosted in Raleigh and packed with success stories!  For eighteen months the NCEEA has been educating stakeholders and promoting energy efficiency to North Carolina consumers.  The alliance is a partnership of the Appalachian State University Department of Technology, NC State Energy Office, Advanced Energy, NC Solar Center and Southern Energy Management.

The panel on green homes started the day with insightful questions posed to the panelists:

  • Dan McFarland (Southern Energy Management) NCEEA partner representing HERS raters
  •  Mel Black (BrightPath Education Services) representing appraisers
  • Paul Donohue (Abacus Mortgage)
  • Jeanne Moyer (Triangle Green Homes) Realtor/EcoBroker

Dan McFarlnad, Mel Black, Paul Donohue, Jeanne Moyer and moderator Nick Hurst

Interesting Points Made by the Panelists

  • Green the MLS is making progress with the Triangle MLS leading the way. Since March 2009, the TMLS has been tracking the number of certified green homes in addition to green and energy efficient features found in any home.
  • Once the MLS is green will all agents know how to enter and use the data.  One step at a time!  Getting green fields in the local MLS is a tremendous accomplishment!  The benefit to agents, builders, appraisers and consumers is so great.  However, with any database there is a learning curve and some inaccuracies due to human nature. Remember the acronym GIGO, garbage-in, garbage-out!  Education and supporting materials were provided to agents to increase the understanding and reduce the number of errors.
  • HERS scores for resales are like a kilowatt/square footage rating.  The market will migrate toward rating ALL homes as they are sold.  Consumer education is needed for understanding the scale and making it simple to understand per square foot, how much energy a home uses.
  • Appraisals still garner much attention during a real estate transaction.  Qualified appraisers are necessary for accurate appraisals that consider energy efficiency.  AMCs certify appraisers by subject matter competency and geographic area, two of the biggest concerns.  Appraisal Management Service  (AMC) is a third party service that contracts the appraisals in an effort to reduce fraud. The appraiser works for the AMC that works for the bank keeping the transaction at what is called, “arms length transaction).


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EcoBroker, Realtor, Environmentalist and tireless advocate for green housing. Helping clients find a high performance home or make their current home more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and improve the indoor air quality.
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