TBJ Poll on Nuclear Energy

Why a post on nuclear energy in a green home blog?

Simple, nuclear power contributes to roughly 1/3 of the power generated by Progress Energy.   Progress Energy’s two New Brunswick plants are the same Mark I design.  Read the TBJ story about the Brunswick plant.


If the poll is inactive, see the final results here.

CNN map – how close do you live to a nuclear plant?  –  plug in your zip code and see circles showing 15 and 50 miles distance.

Energy efficient homes use less power than standard construction. ENERGY STAR homes by definition and certification are 15% more efficient than non program homes.  If we build more efficient homes and make the existing homes more efficient we can reduce power consumption.
Today’s poll on the Triangle Business Journal asks:

Given the Japanese nuclear reactor problems following the earthquake and tsunami, should the U.S. continue to pursue its robust nuclear plans?

The results at 6:45 pm when I responded indicated an overwhelming support for nuclear power.

If you can still cast your vote, weigh in hopefully on the side of caution.  Given the situation in Japan it might be time to confirm the safety and disaster plans for the 104 active nuclear reactors operating in the US.   NC Warn has plenty of information about the nuclear reactors in our area, www. NCWarn.org.

About half of the nation’s energy consumption is used by buildings.  Most of the power consumed by residences is for heat and cooling and water heating. If  we can make our homes more efficient consumers, we can use less power.  Less power translates into NOT building more nuclear reactors and retiring inefficient coal plants.

Graph from "Demand Side Management Programs" by Progress Energy

BTW, I checked my power consumption and exactly half of my bill is heating, cooling and hot water!  Amazingly accurate description of the average homeowner.

Clearly buyers want energy efficient homes per the 2010 Green Home Builder Magazine study.  Buyers were segmented into the following groups and polled on various topics related to green building.  Across the board 60% of all respondents wanted an energy efficient home.

First Time                57.7                     28.8
Move Up                  51.6                     33.5
Second Home           63.9                    0
Displaced                  52.6                   54.5
Empty Nest              62.5                   28.1
Custom                      72.4                    24.2

Is is realistic to assume that changed consumer patterns can affect our utility provider’s building plans. You bet!  Every bit helps..puts money back into your pocket, less greenhouse gas and reduces the demand for power generation.

Click on map to enter your zip code.  Mapping provided by CNN Money, data from Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


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