Nissan LEAF – all electric car test drive!

Folks I must admit that I was impressed.  The LEAF has a 100 mile range, snazzy gadgets, comfortable ride, peppy, and cute!

All-electric Nissan Leaf makes Raleigh debut – check out the N&O article about the weekend test drive event at the Farmers Market.

The next few years could prove decisive in determining whether the plug-in electric car, with a driving range of about 100 miles between charges, is a boon or a boondoggle.

As the price at the pump rises, my interest as gas pushes the $4/gallon mark. I’ve ridden in a  Prius and a feeling of lust overcomes me. Or is that the 10th commandment not to lust after anything my neighbor owns.  Squelch that feeling and look at alternatives!

Next I decided I wanted a bio-diesel vehicle as my next car.  Then I looked at the map of the bio-diesel fuel locations and realized that I had no place to store fuel.  So, that option started to look shaky also.

All electric was my next option.  Range is the issue now even more so than bio-diesel.   Pumping petroleum based diesel is an option if no recycled oil is available, a bit expensive but a way to keep the wheels turning.

Enter the LEAF!  I was not expecting the car to be so cute and have such a great range of 100 miles with fully charged battery.  Well, I already knew that Raleigh is one of three pioneering cities for Project Get Ready by Rocky Mountain Institute.   Mayor Meeker unveiled the first of two stations on Hargett Street.  (Read the entire article on the City website.)

So, I’m thinking that I can tailor my daily life to drive only as far as the charge lasts and wondering how I’m going to figure this out.  What do you know, the GPS screen converts to a map plotting my proposed route with notations on how far I can go before I am critically low AND where the nearest recharging station is located.  WOW!  Now, I can dig this.

I can go on for some time about the neat features, the iPhone app, the LED lights, the hatch back and racks that can be added for toys.  However, this is where I stop and ask you, my readers for your help.

So, I’m hooked on the concept.  All I need is the car. Nissan is awarding a FREE car, one per city on the tour.  You will be asked to enter your email address (one vote per email) and then to verify.  Here’s where you come in…VOTE FOR ME!!!

See…I really drove the car and sat in the back seat…very roomy.

Very comfy front seat, easy to drive, no noise!


Now that you’ve voted, send the link to everyone you know and ask them to vote for me!

Thanks folks!


Even the back seat was roomy.



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2 Responses to Nissan LEAF – all electric car test drive!

  1. Marc says:

    I think that it is time that our government give big incentives to anyone willing to invest in our future by owning electric. I presently drive a 2009 Honda civic which gets great gas mileage. I had a Maxima before that so I like Nissan. When my lease is over I will look for an electric alternative. I hope by then the choices and the range will be greater than today. Bravo Nissan. Here is my link. ThanksHernia Diet

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