Insulated Concrete Form Event and others

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This month we visited a construction site to learn about insulated concrete forms (ICF).  Bradley Yoder of Carolina XWalls (formerly Triangle PolySteel) graciously offered to give us a talk at the site in Cary that was using his product.  Bradley is a long time member of the Green Home Builders of the Triangle and the Durham Orange County Home Builders Association.  He’s a strong advocate for green building and a good buddy for coming out for us on Wednesday.

ICFs can be used for foundations or the entire structure. The resulting concrete becomes a large mass that is very disaster resistant and energy efficient.  Homes constructed with ICFs are extremely energy efficient and comfortable structures.

Some of the benefits of ICF construction:

* Energy Savings
* Disaster resistance
* comfort and safety
* peace and quiet
* ecological responsibility
* low insurance costs
* moisture management
* Low maintenance
* strength and longevity
* sustainability

Superior Walls are similar in that they are cast concrete and insulated on one side. The technique is faster than the poured construction for ICFs. However, they are about half as effective as ICFS as the poured concrete slabs have half the insulation.

Regardless of which one, both are more efficient foundations that traditional blocks and the result is less energy used to heat and cool homes!

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3 Responses to Insulated Concrete Form Event and others

  1. The cost is about 10% more compared to regular stick frame construction.
    People report savings in utilities of up to 60%
    There are a myriad of tax incentives and rebates offered in the USA and Canada for new residential and non-residential green buildings. Listed above are a couple of links to give you a sense of what is available.

  2. Joan Richardson says:

    Good Morning: I’m currently looking for a local architect to prepare drawing for a new construction Energy Efficient Green Concrete Modern single family home. to be located in Apex N.C. I’m also looking for a General Contractor with experience constructing Modern, Prefab, or Module homes. Interested parties can contact me at the e mail address proivided.

    • Joan – Green Drinks was actually on the 4th not 14th…so sorry I messed up on the date. USGBC sponsors monthly green drinks around the Triangle. I post them on my Triangle Green Homes meetup and usually attend. Since I’m in Raleigh I often skip the Chapel Hill or Durham unless I’m over that way. Getting between the cities at rush hour is a challenge. Oh…wish there were mass transit!!! I’d plop down on a train or van and catch up while I leave the driving to someone else! Stay tuned. Would love to meet and learn about your business. Check out the local USGBC chapter calendar for other “green” events around town, Guests are welcome.

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