Right sized house at $89,900 a home run

Go Green Cottage

Go Green Cottage

The Go Green Cottage plunked into the middle of the Streets of SouthPoint Mall by Sun River Builders Signature Homes was a home run.  The curious and serious walked through the cozy, cute and comfortable home for 50 days.  The Go Green Cottage was so popular that it remained on display from the opening of the 4th Annual Green Home Tour on April 25th, 2009 through June 14th.

The house embodies the Susan Susanka’s Not So Big House  concept.  Susanka’s message is “build better, not bigger”.  Using this approach, homes are built to the scale that matches the inhabitants needs.  Building smaller but efficiently and effectively is good for the planet and the pocketbook.  Nearly half of the nation’s energy budget is used by built environment.  Reducing the home’s size and increasing the energy efficiency reduces the carbon footprint.

The size of the average home size has increased 240% in the last 50 years while the family size shrank nearly 30%.   The National Association of Home Builders average American family home was 1,000 square feet with 3.6persons sharing the space.  In 1970, the family size was smaller (3.1 persons) but the homes were larger (1.500 square feet).  Fast forward to the dramatic change in 2004 when the average family size was 2.7 people living in the average sized 2,400 square foot home.

More buyers are giving size a second thought in respect to overall home price and energy costs. Whether you believe in global warming, energy costs are increasing.  Future home owners are considering the cost to operate a home into their buying decision.

Cost of the home $89,900 plus the cost of land for 1,206 square feet that lives large.  Now that excited lots of buyers.  Builder Barnette Crabtree originally planned to keep the home open through Mother’s Day, May 10th but extended the open house an extra month.
Is this price exciting. You betcha!” Interest has been high from start to finish from buyers, lookers, even builders!  We are glad to see the overall interest in building green is high.  We’ve shown that green can be affordable, and that a 1200 square foot house is livable”, reported by the builder on the Gogreencottage.com blog.

What makes the home affordable and livable?  Great design, energy-efficient features built to the ENERGY STAR standards and modularized construction.

  • low E-windows
  • 6 inches of wall insulation
  • low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint
  • water savings features: faucet aerators and dual flush toilets

ENERGY STAR homes typically cost 15% less to operate than a similar traditionally built home.  Add in the 5% discount for the life of the home offered by Progress Energy and Duke Energy for the life of the home.

Sun River will build this home or other right sized homes on a lot for you anywhere in North Carolina. Due to high demand they will not be building out of state at this time.  The largest plan is the 1668 GoGreenCottage $125,000.

Check out my photos. It was hard to take pictures as there was always someone popping in to see the rooms decorated with items from stores in the mall.

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EcoBroker, Realtor, Environmentalist and tireless advocate for green housing. Helping clients find a high performance home or make their current home more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and improve the indoor air quality.
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3 Responses to Right sized house at $89,900 a home run

  1. Tim Raubuch says:

    I’m so glad that affordable “green” homes are becoming more and more available. It’s great they even invested in the details like low VOC paint.

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  3. Jan Garrett says:

    Would like more information about the green home tour; however, the link on this webpage does not work.

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