City of Raleigh Environmental Awards 2009

Raleigh shows commitment to sustainability with the second annual Environmental Awards Program

What a wonderful way to end my celebration of Earth Day by attending the award ceremony.

Mayor Meeker opens the award ceremony

Mayor Meeker opens the award ceremony

Some of my favorite folks received awards. Top of the list, I have to admit are Bob and Maria Kingery,  co-founders of Southern Energy Management, who won the Market Transformation Award.   Congrats to Bob, Maria and their fabulous staff for a well deserved award.  The Kingerys have been generous supporters of my EcoMonday Seminar series and just fabulous folks to know and admire.

Market Transformation Award Southern Energy Management

Market Transformation Award Southern Energy Management

Next on my list is HagerSmith for their Lunch ‘n Learns which are right on the money with topics that help us live more sustainably:  green roofs, permaculature, solar power to name a few.   The next is geothermal. I’ll be there!

This quote from their website illustrates their commitment and their outreach program put their words into action.

“Sustainable design is smart design, because it unites ecological responsibility with financial productivity. Nothing excites us more than to partner with those who share a unified vision of what makes a building successful: functionality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, beauty, and eco-friendliness.  We’re committed to these basic tenets of design and embrace the challenge of leaving our world a better place than when we started.”

Advanced Energy won the Legacy Award for their long time commitment just as the name implies. They have been an invaluable resource for me.

Barrington Village, Builders of Hope won the Raleigh Environmental Stewardship Award for their innovative approach to recycling homes.  The program moves unwanted homes and renovates them to be healthier and more energy efficient.  The program collaborates with the Healthy Built Homes program and uses Advanced Energy’s System Vision to build

“homes that create healthy indoor environments while reducing our environmental impact in an affordable housing market.  To show a correlation between green building practices and improvement in health for the families that live there.  To ensure that the homes are not only affordable to buy but affordable to live in.

Ryan Berglund won one of the two Youth Awards for his rain barrel project showing commitment and entrepreneurship at 14.  Way to go!

Here’s a link to my event photos.

Can’t wait to see who emerges as leaders for the 2010 awards!


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